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Professor Shapour Azarm
2155 Martin Hall
Dept of Mechanical Engineering
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

Voice: +1-301-405-5250


Representative Courses Developed


  • ENME 408: Walking Robot. This undergraduate course was an interdisciplinary three-year course for design, fabrication, and testing of a walking robot. The course covered topics on mechanisms synthesis, design optimization, fabrication, assembly, control and speech recognition with emphasis on one or more topics each year. The course was devised with faculty from ME and ECE departments. A walking robot laboratory was established (with Dr. L. W. Tsai) in support of this course. (This course is no longer offered.)
  • ENME 410: Design Optimization. This undergraduate course was developed as an introduction to the process of single-objective design optimization of engineering systems including problem modeling and solution techniques. At present, this course is offered once every two years or so as part of the “Design Career Path” of the ME undergraduate program. It involves semester-long group projects.
  • ENME 610: Engineering Optimization. This graduate course presents applied aspects of computational models and methods for single- and multi-objective design optimization with a focus on continuous variables. The course will involve an overview of design optimization models and methods and usage of Matlab and Excel optimization tools in homework and project assignments.
  • ENME 625: Multidisciplinary Optimization. This graduate course covers emerging techniques in single- and multi-objective multidisciplinary optimization, including hierarchical and non-hierarchical methods, multidisciplinary sensitivity analysis, and discrete design optimization (including nature-based) methods. The course involves semester-long group projects.
  • ENME 808: Engineering Decision Making. This graduate course, developed with faculty from ME, covers topics in design decision making including modeling uncertainty, preferences, decisions and other multi-attribute decision making techniques for rank ordering and selection of the most preferred design alternative.

Representative Courses Taught

  • ENES 100 (undergraduate): Introduction to Engineering Design
  • ENME 400 (undergraduate): Machine Design
  • ENME 410 (undergraduate): Design Optimization ...... View outline [pdf]
  • ENME 472 (undergraduate): Capstone Design Course
  • ENME 600 (graduate): Engineering Design Methods
  • ENME 610 (graduate): Engineering Optimization ...... View outline [pdf]
  • ENME 625 (graduate): Multidisciplinary Optimization ..... View outline [pdf]
  • ENME 808X (graduate): Engineering Decision Making ..... View outline [pdf]