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Professor Shapour Azarm
2155 Martin Hall
Dept of Mechanical Engineering
University of Maryland
College Park, MD 20742

Voice: +1-301-405-5250

Ph.D. Dissertations Advised


  • Weiwei Hu (graduated in Summer 2012, Advisor), “Approximation Assisted Multiobjective and Collaborative Robust Optimization under Interval Uncertainty.” Staff Engineer, Medical Division, Stryker Corp.
  • Khaled H. Saleh (graduated in Summer 2012, Advisor, with Dr. R. Radermacher as Co-advisor), “Online Approximation Assisted Multiobjective Optimization with Heat Exchanger Design Applications,” Faculty Research Assistant, Center for Energy and Environmental Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park.
  • Zhichao Wang (graduated in Summer 2012, Advisor, with Dr. P. K. Kannan as Co-advisor), “Strategic Product Design Decisions for Uncertain, Converging and Service Oriented Markets.” Staff Engineer, Praxair, Inc.


  • Sauleh A. Siddiqui (graduated in Fall 2011, Co-adviser, with S. Gabriel as Advisor), “Solving Two-Level Optimization Problems with Applications to Robust Design and Energy Markets.” Assistant Professor (tenure track), Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD.
  • Lulu Wang (graduated in Fall 2011, Co-adviser with P. K. Kannan, with B. Youn as Advisor), “Product Design Selection using Online Customer Reviews.” Employed by Industry in China.


  • Joshua M. Hamel (graduated in August 2010, Advisor), “Sensitivity Analysis Based Approaches for Mitigating the Effects of Reducible Interval Input Uncertainty on Single- and Multi-Disciplinary Systems Using Multi-Objective Optimization.” Assistant Professor (tenure track), California State University, Long Beach


  • Vikrant C. Aute (graduated in May 2009, Advisor), “Single and Multi-response Adaptive Design of Experiments with Application to Design Optimization of Novel Heat Exchangers.” Faculty research Assistant at Center for Environmental Energy Engineering (CEEE), University of Maryland, College Park, MD.


  • Genzi Li (graduated in August 2007, Adviser) “Online and Offline Approximations for Population Based Multi-Objective Optimization.” CEO, Beijing Bofei Instrument CO., China.
  • Mian Li (graduated in December 2007, Advisor), “Robust Optimization and Sensitivity Analysis with Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithms: Single- and Multi-Disciplinary Applications.” Assistant Professor (tenure track), University of Michigan-Shanghai Jiao Tong University Joint Institute, Shanghai, China. [Received (May 2008) Best Dissertation Award from the ME dept at UMD.]
  • Nathan Williams (graduated in December 2007, Advisor; Dr. P.K. Kannan as Co-advisor), “Strategic Product Design for Retail Channel Acceptance under Uncertainty and Competition.” Risk Management Director, Shell Energy, Spokane, WA


  • Babak Besharati (graduated in May 2006, Adviser), “Deterministic Multi-Objective Robust Optimization for Single Product and Product Line Engineering with Design and Marketing Considerations.” Employed at Pepco Energy Services.


  • Anil Kumar Maddulapalli (graduate in May 2005, Adviser), “Product Design Selection with Variability for an Implicit Value Function.” Employed by Industry, India.


  • Subroto Gunawan (graduated in May 2004, Adviser), “Parameter Sensitivity Measures for Single Objective, Multi-Objective, and Feasibility Robust Design Optimization.” Employed at Ameresco, Inc.


  • Alex F. Mehr (graduated in August 2003, Adviser), “Entropy Approach to Meta-Modeling, Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm, and Quality Assessment of Solution Sets for Design Optimization.” Co-Founder and co-CEO, Zoosk, Inc.


  • Hui Li (graduated in May 2001, Adviser), “Product Design Selection under Uncertainty and with Competitive Advantage.” Senior Software Engineer, Whereoware, Inc.
  • Jin Wu (graduated in August 2001, Adviser) “Quality Assisted Multiobjective Multidisciplinary Genetic Algorithms.” Staff R&D engineer, Synopsys, Inc.


  • Clifford A. Whitcomb (graduated in August 1998, Adviser), “A Prescriptive Production Distribution Approach for Decision Making in Product Design Engineering.” Professor and Chair, Department of Systems Engineering, Naval Postgraduate School.


  • Win-Bin Shieh (graduated in May 1996, co-adviser with Drs. L. W. Tsai (advisor) and A. L. Tits), “Design and Optimization of Planar Mechanisms Featuring Symmetrical Foot Point Paths.” Assistant Professor, Mingchi Institute of Technology, Taiwan.


  • Hong Fang (graduated in December 1993, Adviser), “Hierarchical Multiobjective Optimization Based Design and Construction of Precast Concrete Wall Panel Design.” Employed at The Boeing Company.


  • Srinibas Y. Praharaj (graduated in December 1992, Adviser), “Two-Level Nonlinear Mixed Discrete-Continuous Optimization-Based Design.” Deceased.


  • Bi-Chu Wu (graduated in December 1991, Adviser), “Optimization-Based Design of Non-hierarchic Engineering Systems.” Employed at Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), Taiwan.


  • Wei-Chu Li (graduated in December 1989, Adviser), “Monotonicity and Sensitivity A nalysis in Multi-Level Decomposition-Based Design Optimization.” Employed at Connecticut Power Electric Power Co.